Community Impacts

Geronimo Gives Back

Our deep roots in agriculture and our respect for farming practices are the backbone of our company. As advocates for our projects’ landowners and farmers, we work hard for the American farming community – and we are excited and proud to support organizations that possess the same core values.

In that vein, Geronimo regularly donates and works with organizations such as Future Farmers of America, Farm Rescue, local 4H Chapters and the National Young Farmers Coalition. In our projects’ host communities, we make contributions to food pantries, schools, fire departments and other community organizations.

Geronimo Community Fund

We pride ourselves on our commitment to farmers, ranchers and landowners, and with every wind farm we sign into a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), Geronimo develops a Community Fund for the local host community.

Each community fund is set up as a 501(c)(3) organization and guarantees annual payments for a 20 year period during the wind farm’s operations. The purpose of each community fund is to engage in, assist and contribute money to exclusively support charitable activities and opportunities within the wind farm’s local host community. Spending of the community fund is at the direction of the community fund’s board of directors, who are landowners in the wind farm’s footprint and may include one at-large director from the local community. The funds dispersed through community funds are divided among the communities within and around the wind farm’s area.

  • Currently, Geronimo is committed to providing $3.6 million of charitable funds over 20 years to our contracted wind farms.
  • Should our additional wind farms come under contract, Geronimo’s projected commitment will rise to $6.1 million of charitable funds over 20 years.
Recent Community Funding

Our operational wind farms already receive funding for their community funds. Here’s how they’re giving back to their local community:

  • Odin Wind Farm: repaved and created new town roads
  • Marshall Wind Farm: reduced the property tax levy, which decreased property taxes for residents
  • Prairie Rose Wind Farm: created educational scholarships for residents and grants for local businesses

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