The Blazing Star II Wind Farm is a 200 megawatt wind farm under development in Lincoln County, Minnesota. The project is the second phase in a two part, 400 MW total project. Blazing Star II Wind Farm’s footprint spans up to 35,000 acres in Hendricks, Marble, Royal, Ash Lake and Shaokatan Townships, and represents a total investment of approximately $320 million once fully developed.

Operational Capacity: 200 MW
Location: Lincoln County, Minnesota
Number of Turbines: ~57-100
Acres in Project Footprint: ~up to 35,000, with less than 50 acres taken out of
agricultural production during operation
CO2 Emissions Reduced: 604,000 metric tons/ year
Landowner Payments: ~$1.2 million/ year
Local Community Fund: up to $40,000/ year
Direct Local Economic Impact: ~$53 million over 20 years

The wind-rich area of Lincoln County has always been targeted for development for Geronimo Energy but in the past, limited transmission capacity hindered any potential project. When plans for the regional CapX2020 Brookings County-Hampton 345 kV Transmission line became a reality, so did the concept of the Blazing Star I and II Wind Farms in Lincoln County. Over the past few years, Geronimo has opened a local office and has engaged the local community to build support for both projects.


The Blazing Star Wind Farm is located in the Buffalo Ridge region of Minnesota, along the Minnesota-South Dakota border near the town of Hendricks, MN. The average wind speed, measured at 80 meters, is 8.3 meters per second, which is just under 18.5 miles per hour. The prevailing wind direction is from the northwest and south.

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