The Blue Ridge Wind Farm is a 200 megawatt wind farm under development in Piatt, McLean and Champaign counties in Illinois. The project is a development of Blue Ridge Wind, LLC, a fully-owned subsidiary of Geronimo Energy. The Blue Ridge Wind Farm’s footprint spans Bell Flower, Blue Ridge, Mahomet and Mansfield Townships, and represents a total investment of approximately $240 million once fully developed. The project boasts strong wind resource, enthusiastic landowners, a welcoming community and available transmission opportunities.

Operational Capacity: 100 MW
Location: Piatt, McLean and Champaign counties, Illinois
Number of Turbines: ~44- 63
Acres in Project Footprint: Over 6,000, with less than 47 acres taken out of agricultural
production during operations
CO2 Emissions Reduced: ~270,000 metric tons/ year
Landowner Payments: ~$1.65 million/ year
Local Community Fund: up to $40,000/ year
Direct Local Economic Impact: ~$95 million over 20 years

Originally developed by Midwest Wind Energy, Blue Ridge Wind Farm was acquired by Geronimo in early 2013. Slated for construction in 2018, the project possesses a world-class wind resource that is very competitive in the Illinois MISO energy market. When built, Blue Ridge Wind Farm will be visible from the University of Illinois campus, located barely 10 miles south and east of the project site.


The Blue Ridge Wind Farm is located in the central eastern region of Illinois, approximately halfway between Bloomington, IL and Indianapolis, IN. The average wind speed, measured at 80 meters, is 7.4 meters per second, which is just under 16.5 miles per hour. The prevailing wind direction is from the northwest.

Economic Impact Sheet
Community Impact Sheet