The North Fork Wind Farm is an up to 400 megawatt wind farm under development in Knox and Cedar counties in Nebraska. The project is a development of North Fork Wind Farm, LLC, a fully-owned subsidiary of Geronimo Energy. The North Fork Wind Farm’s footprint spans over 40,000 acres and represents a total investment of approximately $650 million once fully developed.

Operational Capacity: up to 400 MW
Location: Knox and Cedar counties, Nebraska
Number of Turbines: ~120-200
Acres in Project Footprint: Over 40,000, with less than 150 acres taken out of
agricultural production during operations.
CO2 Emissions Reduced: 1.2 million metric tons/ year
Landowner Payments: ~$2.3 million/ year
Local Community Fund: up to $80,000/ year
Direct Local Economic Impact: ~$74 million over 20 years

North Fork Wind Farm has been under development since 2009. It was originally conceived as a second phase project for Elkhorn Ridge Wind Farm, located north of Bloomfield, NE, but it was later determined that the project was more viable as a stand-alone development. There is tremendous support from the local residents of Knox and Cedar counties for wind development.


The North Fork Wind Farm is located in the northeastern corner of the wind-abundant state of Nebraska. The average wind speed, measured at 80 meters, is 8.5 meters per second, which is just under 19 miles per hour. The prevailing wind direction is from the northwest and south.

Economic Impact Sheet
Community Impact Sheet