The Wild Springs Solar Project is a 70 megawatt (MW) solar project located near the city of New Underwood in Pennington County, South Dakota. The project is anticipated to positively impact both the environment and the local economy by producing up to $560,000 in tax revenue annually and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 95,000 metric tons each year – the equivalent of taking 20,000 cars off the road every year.

Operational Capacity: 70 MW
Location: Pennington County, South Dakota
Capital Investment: ~$113 million
Local Tax Revenue: up to $11.2 million over
20 years of operation, or $560,000 annually*
Construction Timeline: 2019-2020
Expected COD: December 31, 2020
Carbon Dioxide Emissions Reduced: 95,000 metric tons annually

Wild Springs will span approximately 500 acres and will connect to the New Underwood substation. The project will provide energy and capacity for the transmission network and will provide a cost-effective alternative to fossil fuels. Wild Springs enjoys a supportive landownern group and local host community.

Economic Impact Sheet
Fact Sheet