The Plum Creek Wind Farm is an up to 400 megawatt (MW) wind farm under development in Cottonwood, Murray and Redwood Counties in Minnesota. The project is a development of Plum Creek Wind Farm, LLC, a fully-owned subsidiary of Geronimo Energy. The Plum Creek Wind Farm is planned for up to 400 megawatts with the potential to be built in phases. The total Plum Creek Wind Farm footprint spans approximately 70,000 acres in the townships of Ann, Highwater, and Westbrook in Cottonwood County, Dovray and Holly in Murray County, and Lamberton and North Hero in Redwood County. Plum Creek represents a total investment of up to $640 million once fully developed.


All figures based on 400 MW capacity

Operational Capacity: 400 MW
Location: Cottonwood, Murray and Redwood Counties,
Number of Turbines: ~100-200
Acres in Project Footprint: up to 70,000, with less than 100 acres taken out of
agricultural production during operation
CO2 Emissions Reduced: ~1.1 million metric tons/ year
Local Community Fund: up to $80,000/ year

The Plum Creek Wind Farm was originated in mid-2016 with initial conversations with local landowners to gauge the interest of the local community. In the past, wind development had been limited in the Plum Creek Wind Farm area due to limited transmission. However, recent new transmission additions have made wind energy development favorable. Geronimo Energy has a successful history in developing wind farms and boosting local economies in the Plum Creek Wind Farm region and is proposing to do the same for the Plum Creek Wind Farm community by building on existing local relationships. Geronimo has a local office in nearby Windom, Minnesota and has engaged the local community to build support for the project.


The Plum Creek Wind Farm is located in the wind-rich region of southwest Minnesota, between the towns of Westbrook and Walnut Grove. The average wind speed, measured at 80 meters, is 8.4 meters per second, which is just under 18.8 miles per hour. The prevailing wind direction is from the northwest and south.


The Plum Creek Wind Farm’s planned transmission line is expected to comprise a 345 kilovolt (kV) line that delivers clean wind energy to the nearby electrical grid. The Plum Creek Wind Farm transmission line will run approximately 25 miles from the Plum Creek Wind Farm south of Walnut Grove, MN to the Plum Creek Wind Farm’s Point-of-Interconnect (POI), which is located north of Lucan, MN. At the POI, the power will connect to the Brookings County-Hampton transmission line on the MISO transmission system. MISO stands for Midcontinent Independent System Operator and is an essential link in the safe, cost-effective delivery of electric power across much of North America. More information about the Plum Creek Wind Farm Transmission Line can be found at the link below.

As the project begins the permitting process, this page will be updated with information regarding the proposed transmission line, including but not limited to: Regulatory Filings, Regulatory Schedule and Project Maps.

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Community Impact Sheet
Transmission Fact Sheet